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07 September, 2021 2 min read

The global beauty industry has made some problematic decisions on our behalf for too long. While developing innovative products has always been in our DNA, we’re looking for investors to support our next stage of growth as we expand our offering further abroad. Gaining investment is an important part of our growth and continuing our mission to make a change for the better.

While conventional capital raising sees companies negotiating with a group of wealthy individuals or big venture capital firms, we felt this wasn’t quite the right fit for Kester Black. Having the opportunity to invest in growing companies shouldn’t be limited to these classical groups. Which is exactly why we’re crowdfunding through Birchal, a platform that’s supporting startups and democratising investment for Australian investors.

We’re thrilled to offer our customers, supporters and fans the opportunity to join us as we continue to develop better products and a better future for the global beauty industry.

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Put simply, it’s crowdfunding for private companies. Where the public can invest in a business in exchange for shares (ownership or equity) in the company.

How it works

The equity crowdfunding process is made up of three stages: Expression of Interest, Share Offer and Settlement.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

Businesses spread awareness about their product, service and why they’re offering shares. Investors learn about market interest and can register their Expression of Interest via a crowdfunding body (Birchal) to opt-into more info about the EOI campaign. This period helps businesses assess demand.


3 weeks


  • You learn about Kester Black’s capital raise and why we’re crowdfunding.
  • Keen, you create a Birchal profile to register your Expression of Interest.
  • You let us know how much you're interested in investing into our business.
  • We put your name on our list of important people to share our offer with.
  • There’s no commitment or payment required at this stage.

Share Offer

Businesses issue a Crowd-Sourced Funding (CSF) Document and officially offer their shares. Investors (the folks who have registered their Expression of Interest) read the CSF Document, plus any extra important info, before applying for shares and paying for them via a crowdfunding body (Birchal).


2-4 weeks


  • You read the CSF Document + Company Constitution and like what you see.
  • You apply for Kester Black shares under a CSF offer and pay via Birchal.
  • You’re given a 5-day cooling-off period to consider your purchase.
  • Happy to proceed, you receive confirmation of your ownership.
  • You own a part of Kester Black.


Once the offer period has closed, businesses that have met their capital raise target, select a registry service where a list of their shareholders will be kept in future. Within 7-days of offer completion, Birchal sends the registry investor information to be processed. Investors are emailed a share certificate for the business and can find this certificate and holdings info at the registry service provided.


1 week+ depending on the qty of investors


  • Your payment and investor information is processed.
  • You are emailed a share certificate and confirmation of your holdings.
  • You can refer to this information in future, through the registry service.

CSF Risk Statement

Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.

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