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Natural eyeliner now comes in high-definition

28 June, 2021 3 min read

They’re here. They’re finally here. We’ve been carefully crafting this formula to bring you smooth, lovingly, long-lasting eyeliners that not only look the part but act the part using 100% natural ingredients. Our high-performance, highly-evolved Eye-Fi Liners are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated to meet COSMOS-Standard (more on that soon). They come in a dermatologically-tested plastic-free pencil so you can use them all over your face and all over your body. How good.

To give you a glimpse behind the creative process, we quizzed our founder Anna about the brand new range:

How long have you spent developing this eyeliner range?

Anna: Roughly two years! Everything made in Europe takes twice as long as it does over here. But we believe that products and technology in the EU were far more superior than anywhere else we’d seen, which is why we stuck it out for us.

What made you decide on taking on eyes as a category?

A: It seemed like a natural progression from nails and lips. Eye makeup can be super fun. And with Chanel, Marc Jacobs and a number of other big beauty brands launching bold eye products in their ranges, it was bound to be one of the next best cosmetics trends.

What were your goals in developing this product?

A: A lot of people fear eyeliner, so I wanted to make a range of colours that were less scary, more approachable, to be used around the eyes. But hold tight, some super fun, striking, mix-and-match colours are on their way! Eye makeup is easier to wear when it comes in a soft, pencil formula. But don’t just think of these as eyeliners, think of them as eye pencils. The formula makes them super versatile so you can use them as an eye shadow, a brow highlight or even a blush. Just shade and smudge.

What are the challenges associated with creating a natural eyeliner formula?

A: For Kester Black, performance is always on the top of our list so that comes first, followed by natural-sourcing. Which was actually perfect for the kind of pencil we wanted to create. So I think there’s no excuse for non-natural liners to be a let-down. In fact, this product is a big deal because it performs exceptionally in spite of being 100% natural. (Unlike some 100% natural lipsticks which don’t meet the mark.)

And finally, what inspired you to create a formulate that meets the COSMOS Standard in this range?

A: At Kester Black we like to walk the talk, and having an independent certification body back our claims is a no brainer for us.

Natural eyeliner now comes in high definition

We’ve taken cues from Mother Nature to create our very vegan, cruelty-free, waterproof Eye-Fi Liners. Formulated with organic Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Marula Oil and Vitamin E, these liners are all-hydrating and all-powerful. Applied as a liner or blended as a shadow, they’re waterproof, dermatologically tested and formulated to meet COSMOS-Standard. Meet four shades that are ready to line and redefine your beauty routine.


This colour orbits between copper and gold, caught somewhere between our galaxy and another. Glide this shimmering bronze liner over your lash line, apply it to your inner-eye corner or to your cupid’s bow for a holo highlighter effect. The results are out of this world.

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery and this is a peach cream matte eyeliner that proves it. Apply this peach pencil anywhere on the face for a brightness you can blur out.

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Rediscover, redo and redefine with this highly-evolved red. A-Eye is a matte burgundy eyeliner that makes blue and hazel eyes pop. Keep it clean and simple or stylised and futuristic - the choice is yours.

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No mystery here, Blackout is a black eyeliner. Sharpen up or smoke it out with this waterproof staple and enjoy pitch black precision in every stroke.

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