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The Overglow Edit nail art tutorial: Terrazzo Nails

14 January, 2021 3 min read

Terrazzo, Italian for ‘terrace’, is based on the Latin word ‘terra’ which means ‘earth’. So really, it’s only natural for us to be falling for this rugged wonder that’s somehow sweet and speckled, yet beautifully brutalist at the same time.

Wear this look on your fingertips, sans cement, with our simple guide to Terrazzo Nails thanks to the very clever Melanie Graves of the Overglow Edit. We think this colourway neatly emulates the tones of granite, quartz, and glass; but there’s plenty of room for you to experiment with colour in this trending texture.

What you will need

Tool tip:

Don’t have a dotting tool handy? Toothpicks, pencils, and pacers (those clicky mechanical pencils) make great impromptu dotters.

Step 1. Clean, prep and file

This style looks great on nails of all shapes and sizes (hooray). Give your nails a quick tidy by trimming, filing and cleansing them. Cleansing your nails before painting will prevent your tips from chipping prematurely. Glide a cotton pad soaked in nail cleanser over each fingernail to remove any residual oil from the surface which may get in the way of your manicure.


Step 2. Ace the base

Base coat acts like a primer for your nail polish, giving your colour something to really stick to. Apply a thin layer of your chosen base coat and allow it to dry for five minutes. We recommend the Miracle Treatment Base Coat as it is scientifically proven to strengthen and nourish your nails - even under your nail polish.


Step 3. Dabble in Daisy Chain

Apply a thin coat of Daisy Chain to each nail and allow to dry for roughly five minutes (or approximately three-hundred Mississipis). If you’d like more opaque coverage, apply a second coat and allow to dry.


Step 4. Jungle Fever

Now for the fun part. Taking a thin-head dotting tool in Jungle Gymnast, carefully apply a few speckles in assorted positions across each nail and allow to dry for five minutes. The aim is to make them uneven and somewhat randomised so that they seem naturally scattered across your fingertips.


Step 5. Dots on dots on dots

Repeat your careful speckle-work using Impeachment and Sky. Allow each layer of dots to dry for five minutes, and admire your handiwork while you wait.


Step 6. Set and seal

Finish your look by applying a top coat, making sure to cap the edges of each nail for good measure. We recommend our Supersonic Top Coat for a flash-fast 90-second drying time. Once you’re touch-dry, apply a drop of Self Love Oil to your cuticles for maximum hydration.


Now that you’ve created your own mini terrazzo masterpieces, we’d love to see them! Share your looks with us @kesterblack using #kesterblack, and tell us what colourways you adore the most.

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