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Top Coat

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Glossy Top Coat

14ml 0.5 fl.oz e

Call Security! Your manicure is on lockdown with Top Coat. Seal the deal and say goodbye to chips, cracks or peeling with this super staunch set on your nail colour. Note: Top Coat works best as a top coat only - it’s formulated to bond to nail polish, not your nail, so avoid using as a base coat or a clear polish.

About our 10-Free™ brand: Why 10-Free™ I hear you ask? The answer is simple. We strip out a lot of bad stuff. While no nail polish can ever be fully free of chemicals, our 10-Free™ brand does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates and animal derived or tested ingredients. Kester Black has also never used ingredients ethyl tosylamide, triphenyl phosphate or xylene.

All Kester Black products are cruelty-free, vegan and carbon neutral. We’re also a Certified B Corp!

Made in Australia.

  • Once your polish is dry, glide the Top Coat over each fingernail, coating the surface from base to tip. Make sure to ‘cap’ the ends to prevent chipping.
  • Ethyl Acetate, Alcohol Denat, Butyl Acetate, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Trimethyl Pentanyl Diisobutyrate, Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate, Benzophenone 1, Dimethicone, Trimethyl Pentanediyl Dibenzoate, Polyvinyl Butyral, D&C Violet #2.
  • We made our Breathable Top Coat for people who require breathable/water-permeable nail polish due to cultural or religious beliefs. If you don’t fall into this category, we recommend the this top coat or the Supersonic Top Coat for its lightning-fast drying time and super plump, glossy finish (as opposed to the satin finish of our Breathable Top Coat).