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How to choose the best nude nail polish for your skin tone

16 December, 2016 2 min read

Nude nails will always be in vogue. But which nude suits you? Here’s a simple guide to help you find the perfect shade to match your birthday suit.

Nude nails are as timeless as a Burberry trench. Done right, nude polish makes for a dependable manicure that complements any outfit.

Finding the right nude shade for your skin tone isn’t always that straight forward. After all, what is ‘nude’ really? Short answer: it's lots of different colours!

Here’s a few simple tips to help you choose the best nude nail polish for your skin colour.

How to choose the most flattering nude nail polish for your skin tone

Get acquainted with your skin’s colour tones in natural light. When it comes to skin tones, there are generally three classifications. These are warm (yellow or golden undertones) cool (red, pink or blue undertones) or neutral (a mix). So, how do you figure out which one is you?

Check the colour of the veins on your wrist in bright natural light. If they look bluey purple, you’re most likely cool toned. If they appear greener you’re warmer toned and if it’s difficult to tell, you may be fairly neutral.

Another good indicator is your jewellery. If your skin is complemented by silver jewellery you're likely cool. If gold pops on your skin, you may be warm toned and if you look great in both, consider yourself neutral.

When you choose your nude nail polish the trick is to NOT match it exactly to your skin colour. Ideally, you want your nude to have a bit of pop, not make your nails vanish altogether.

Go a touch darker or a little lighter than your actual skin tone to offer a bit of contrast and colour to your nude manicure. But remember, there's no hard and fast rules - experiment 'til you find the shade you love.

The best nudes for fair skin tones

Babe - A translucent pinky nude with cool undertones for all you alabaster beauties.

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Buttercream - A soft and creamy nude with neutral undertones that’s making us hungry.

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In the Buff - Pretty and with a hint of pink, In The Buff is ideal for warm skin tones.

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Bare - Creamy and pale, Bare is barely there and works best with neutral or warm skin tones.

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Blossom - A nude with neutral peachy undertones, Blossom is summery sweet on medium skin tones.

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The best nudes for medium skin tones

Solarium - For the year-round tanner, Solarium works for those with warm skin tones.

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Bronzer - This crème caramel nude nail polish has neutral undertones, making it brilliantly versatile but best on medium-dark skin tones.

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The best nude for dark skin tones

Spray Tan - With hints of walnut and dark chocolate, Spray Tan is your go-to if you're blessed with darker skin in a warm or neutral tone.

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Once you’ve found your true match, you’ll see how flattering and versatile a nude polish can be!