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Kester Black's award-winning products

27 April, 2020 5 min read

Roll out the (digital) red-carpet and throw on your after-dinner diamonds, ‘cause our products have just earned a bunch of international awards from discerning beauty bodies, CertClean and The Beauty Shortlist.

From applying for accreditations to upholding certifications, we’re busy little bees here at KB-HQ. We spend a lot of our time pursuing the impeccable because you, our clever customers, demand and deserve faultless products. Where others rest, we strive, and as a result have developed dreamy lip formulas that last all day and nasty-free nail products that punch well above their weight.

High-performing products only past this point

Here are the products that captured (the hearts and) the attention of judges around the world:

WINNER - First Date Lipstick

Best Lipstick, The Clean Beauty Awards

This legendary lippie outshone 300+ competitors with its impressive performance and ease of use. It just so happens to also be vegan, cruelty free, 100% carbon neutral and planet friendly, and while it was created meticulously over 3-years, we wanted to make sure it was just right - goldilocks style.

We asked our Founder, Creative Director and Cosmetics Queen, Anna Ross to share her thoughts on the award-winning products and what she believes is at the heart of their success.

What does winning this award mean to you?

"For me, it's recognition of all the hard work, time and effort that I invest behind the scenes to ensure that I'm only developing impeccable products. Our Hyperreal matte liquid lipstick launched in October 2019 so I'm particularly proud that something I've worked so hard on has been recognised internationally by a credible body so early on its product journey, especially when up against so many well-respected brands." - Anna.

How long was your lipstick formula in the making?

"It took us one year to develop a nice formula and another two years to perfect it. Quality is something that I just don't compromise on and if it's not something that I would wear myself then I'm not going to move forward with it. Instead, I worked with the manufacturers to keep reformulating - iteration after iteration - until I was satisfied that I had an incredible product, and despite the hard work and lengthy delays bringing the product to market, it has definitely paid off." - Anna.

What is so special about this lipstick formula?

“I've packed this formula full of hydrating certified organic ingredients and oils so it's non-drying. Earlier formulations that we had were beautiful but they were too thick and would start to crack around the edges after some time on the lips. I kept pushing our manufacturers to rework the ingredient list and in doing so, the result is a super light, non-drying, ultra-hydrating matte liquid lipstick with an incredible colour payoff.” - Anna.


WINNER - Miracle Treatment Base Coat

Best Nail Product, The Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards

It's no wonder this little 3 in 1 miracle worker won the judges over with it's strengthening powers to make nails less brittle and less likely to break, whilst adding a little TLC and overall healthy goodness.

How did you dream up this little wonder?

“I had been thinking about broadening our product offering from nail polish to nail treatments and so this was naturally the next step. At the time we were also receiving loads of customer enquiries about what they could do to strengthen and improve the overall health of their nails. This gave me the inspiration to improve our base coat polish (that you have to wear anyway), and make it do more for your nails at the same time." - Anna.

What do people love about the Miracle Treatment Base Coat?

"After running trials (with 100 people) we were really happy with the performance. It looks amazing on nails, it strengthens and hardens them; it’s just an all-around awesome product that suits everybody.” - Anna


FINALIST - 10-Free Nail Polish

Best Free-From Nail Polish, The Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards

We’re proud as punch that our nail polish stood its ground against top contenders on the global stage. Now everyone can live their technicolour dreamcoat fantasies; free from nasties, full of nice-ies.

What does winning this award mean to you?

"When we launched our first 10-free nail polish in 2014 we were the first beauty brand in the world to do so, so it's wonderful to see so many other brands embracing clean beauty and creating products that are better for you and better for the environment. It makes me very proud to think something I created continues to receive such well respected recognition." - Anna.


WINNER - Rest & Repair Wonder Mask

Best Nail Treatment/Therapy/Breakthrough (strengthener, innovation etc), The Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards

What’s behind the mask? Why, water kefir of course! This fine ferment promotes healthy nail growth and (apparently) prize-winning capabilities.

What's the secret ingredients in the Rest & Repair Wonder Mask?

“We've packed this product full of lovely certified organic ingredients such as sweet almond oil, which limits the amount of water the keratin in your nails can absorb. When we wash our hands, the cells in our nails absorb the water; expanding, contracting and disturbing its tightly packed structure causing brittle and broken nails. The oils and other ingredients in the mask are absorbed into the nail to protect and keep them strong.” - Anna.

Why is it so special?

"I just love this product - it really is cutting edge. What makes it so special to me is that it makes you feel special when you use it. It's all about the self care ritual. Put it on at night and wake up with lovely healthy nails." - Anna.


WINNER - Self Love Oil

The Editor’s Choice Award (Beauty), The Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards

We’ve got so much love for this little love potion, and according to The Beauty Shortlist, so did the editors.

Why do you love Self Love Oil so much?

“Self Love Oil is a wonderful, multi-purpose product that is just 100% goodness for almost every part of you. It's made of certified organic almond oil, jojoba, avocado oil and vitamin e so it's perfect to soften your cuticles, moisturise your lips, remove your make-up such as lipstick or mascara, or moisturise just about any other part of your body that needs a little extra TLC.” - Anna.


A little about the beauty award bodies

Cert Clean

CertClean assess, approve and certify clean beauty products, free from harmful chemicals. Their mission is to make safer skincare the new norm, accelerating the growth of the clean beauty movement through their Clean Beauty Awards. The awards recognise the best performing beauty, wellbeing and personal care products from across the globe, manufactured without the use of known harmful chemicals.

The Beauty Shortlist

Founded by beauty journalist Fiona Klonarides in 2012, The Beauty Shortlist showcases natural and organic brands through their trusted, transparent, shopping guide and beauty edit. Their Beauty Shortlist Awards have become one of the most trusted accolades in the world, celebrating the highest-ranked, most outstanding products by ethical brands on the planet - featuring yours truly.


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