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Why Kester Black is switching to limited edition ranges.

11 May, 2021 2 min read

As a brand, we pride ourselves in using sustainable and ethical ingredients, and working with like minded suppliers to bring you high-performance, premium quality cosmetics.

But, COVID cares not for brands. The past year has taught us some important lessons about global supply chains, and how economies of scale make our world go round. It also taught us how this model is unsustainable during a pandemic (shocker), and how forward-thinking solutions are required to thrive in an ever changing marketplace.

The future of Kester Black

Rather than pushing against the pressure (in this case, praying for faster shipping times or negotiating exorbitant fees), we’ve asked ourselves, ‘How might we do business in the future, while retaining our quality, values; and our beautiful customers?’.

The answer was pretty simple, actually, and it has everything to do with a ‘here for a good time AND for a long time’ mentality.

What’s changing?

From June 2021, we’re reducing our collection of nail polishes, lipsticks and more, to fan-favourite and limited edition products. So you’ll be able to shop the classics you know and love, plus enjoy our exclusive limited-run colours. And when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Will we miss the more unique shades within our collection? Of course.

Which is why we will be bringing them back in limited-release form from time to time, rather than having them in our regular lineup. They will be limited in number so you’ll need to snap them up fast - and we’ll let you know when it’s your last-chance to buy them via our newsletter. (Subscribe here if you haven’t already.) Will we sleep better knowing that we’ve carefully curated our range to make room for smarter products (in their manufacturing, packaging, and delivery) in future? For sure.

How this affects you

You’ll want to stay tuned into our socials and subscribed to our newsletters for updates and last-chance alerts on all of your favourite colours.

How we will be deciding on our fan-favourites

We are no strangers to a sellout, and will be looking back at the colours that were always in high-demand, and ones that needed a little extra love to decide on our final list. We will also be taking it to the polls, asking you, our loyal customers about your favourites over the years.

Thank you for supporting us through each and every stage of this brand’s evolution. Without your ongoing feedback, tips and compliments, we’d have little reason to be here - nor would we be here at all.

The Kester Black Team

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