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4 Lipstick Trends to Try

28 April, 2021 4 min read

While nothing comes close to simple styles executed well, lip trends and ‘lip hacks’ are pretty excellent hey? If you’re eager to try a new look or experiment with a new application style then please do read on.

Be prepared

Let us just start by saying that all lips are beautiful. Thin, puffy, pigmented or plump - we love them all. But healthy, hydrated lips are happier lips. Before you go applying any cosmetics to your lips, it pays to exfoliate, hydrate and prime them for colour. Here are some handy tips we’d prepared earlier. Rest assured that our Hyperreal Matte Liquid Lipsticks bring lip-loving hydration in every swipe, so you’re moisturising in every wear.

Ombre Lips

Faded, faded, faded. Our Hyperreal Matte Liquid lippies aren’t designed to fade (it’s not really their thing) but you can fake a mean ombre look using two similar shades applied in quick succession. We recommend pairings like Woke Up Like This and First Date, Glow Up and Pow Wow, or Beauty Sleep and Do Gooder for something a little vampy.

Start by lining your lips in the darker colour using the edge of our doe-foot applicator wand. Before this coat dries, fill the rest of your lips with your second, lighter colour and gently blend the two. Work from the outside-in, as you can always add a little more of the lighter colour depending on your desired effect. For an extra sharp finish, apply concealer around the outside of your lips with an angled lip brush. 

Popsicle Lips

Yep. That ‘I just ate a raspberry ice block’ look is a look. Also known as the blurred lip or floating lip (how ethereal), the popsicle tint was made famous by K-Beauty influencers and is characterised by a soft blur that radiates from the centre of your mouth. Try this look with Daydream or Glow Up for a raspberry or cherry-coloured ice block effect.

Many folks begin by adding foundation or primer to their lips. But this just gives your colour something to cling-to, and will result in a brighter finish. If you’re seeking something more casual, go without the foundation for now.

For this look, you’ll need to pull your most kissy-face kind of pout. Taking your liquid lipstick, dab a small amount onto your finger and apply it to the center of your lips. We recommend using your finger or a small, fluffy eye-shadow brush rather than directly from the wand. This will help you create a soft, diffuse and blurred finish. The colour should be focused on your lips and not stray over your cupid’s bow or beneath your bottom lip. Taking a small, fluffy makeup brush with a little concealer, gently dab away at the edges of the lip colour, softening and blurring the edges of your lips. Sweet. 

3D Lips

Some folks believe that their lips are two-dimensional. If you too, would like to add more dimension to your lips, here’s how. For this look, take two similar shades, one slightly darker than the other, and gently outline your lips. Please resist the urge to line a cross over your cupid’s bow, we’ll save this spot for highlighting.

Once, you’ve outlined your lips, gently fill in the outer corners, leaving a heart shaped space on top and a wider oval-shaped space in the center of your bottom lip. Basically, you’re creating the illusion of shadows (dimension!). Some folks like to add three strokes to their bottom lip to create the texture of fuller lips, but this is totally optional. Taking your lighter lipstick, fill in the spaces left behind and blend gently, softening any harsh lines between shades. Ta-dah! It’s like your lips live in THREE WHOLE DIMENSIONS now.
For drama that’s out of this world, try this look using First Date and Glow Up, or Self Preservation and Beauty Sleep.

eGirl Lips

If you prefer your lips all filter, no filler, then this look might be worth exploring. The eGirl is the gamer, early 00’s emo/punk, answer to the VSCO Girl. Rising to Pinterest prominence over the past year, eGirl aesthetics have made their way from subculture to mainstream in no time. And while it isn’t for everyone, interpretations are vast; from sporting dramatic blush and bold eyeliner to a Harajuku-esque colour palette.

The eGirl lip looks a lot like those AR filters you see on social; exaggerated, over-the-top, and at times, a little cat-like. To achieve this look, overline your top and bottom lip, keeping the sides cleanly lined to suit their natural shape. Begin by lining the sides of your top and bottom lip, stopping before you reach the center-third. Taking a lip-liner brush dipped in your Hyperreal Liquid lipstick, gently overline just under your bottom lip, and across the top of your cupid’s bow, linking the peaks. We recommend bringing up an AR-filter for inspiration.

The overlining can be dramatic as you want it to be, but we recommend starting with something subtle until you’re confident with this style. Gently fill in the rest of your lips with your lipstick of choice. Finally, taking a thin-angled brush with a concealer, tidy-up the outline of your lips by creating a crisp edge for your look. You’re done. Now, go back to Twitch streaming.

Start out with more neutral pinks like Woke Up Like This, First Date and Never Nude, then work your way up to bolder colours like Pep Talk and Beauty Sleep.

We’d love to see how your trend-trying goes, so please share your progress pics and tag us at @kesterblack using #kesterblack.


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